A brilliant scientist - his best friend - the woman he loves - and her fiery-tempered kid brother! Together, they braved the unknown terrors of outer space, and were changed by cosmic rays into something more than merely human!





Now they are THE FANTASTIC FOUR - and the world will never be the same again!



Why should anyone care about a comic group of heroes? Well...I don't think that anyone who didn't read comic books as a kid can reallyunderstand...on the other hand, if you're still a kid at heart, you might, with some effort, be able to at least see the potentiality of such an interest. I grew up reading the FF, and for a while, they were myheroes, heroes in a fantastic world, with their own dreams and ambitions, doubts and fears, trials and tribulations. Reed who epitomized the brilliant, altruistic scientist, seeking knowledge for the sake of knowledge... his best friend, Ben, the tragic hero, disfigured by the accident that gave him his powers, proving without doubt that his courage and will to live were the true source of his indomitable strength... Sue whose fighting spirit slowly emerged over time to reassert her position as possibly the strongest member of the FF...and finally, Johnny Storm, her younger hot tempered brother, always in search of love, but never quite finding it. Above all they were a team that fought hard, and never gave up. The essence of their characters was the power of will and the boundless courage of the human soul. They showed, time and time again, that no matter what obstacles they faced, humanity would survive and that good would triumph over evil.





A Review of Josh Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR (2015) Movie

     September 1, 2015


Why does every Fantastic Four movie need to feature Doom as the main adversary???? When will the movie world realize that Doom is a *subtle* character. Yes. I used the word "subtle". You cannot and *will not* do Doom justice in character development in any movie precisely because of this. It took decades to develop Doom's character - to fully expose the nuances of his thought processes and deep hidden neuroses, all of which led to the creation of a complicated, deeply pathological, brilliant and sadistic meglomaniac. Tell me how you can possibly convey that and tell the origin of the FF and develop *their* characters in a single two hour movie? The answer is: you can't. So don't try. The FF is so rich in characters you could shoot a dart at your collection and come up with good story to tell. Pick one. How about skip the origin and dive right into stealing the control rod from Annihilus - then have him try to get it back (FF 141)?? How about doing a *real* Galactus story with the Silver Surfer? How about retrieving Ben from the Skrull world in the Arena of Death (FF 91)? Do the origin story in a nightmare so you don't have to go through all the details...the FF is literally the greatest team in the Marvel Universe, so why not start with that?

So...onto the review...This is short because there really isn't much to say. I am, what you might call, a hardcore Fantastic Four fan. You would think that would mean I absolutely *hated* this movie. Well, I didn't. I could see where Trank was going with this. In fact, I even liked the first third. It tried to portray the FF in the real world...how it might be like for real people to acquire strange powers...how they might be exploited for military purposes...good, good and all good. Unfortunately, that's where it ended for me. If it had stuck with that theme and developed it, it might have been a reimagining that could have led to a gritty, really interesting (albeit basterdized) version of the FF. But instead, they needed a villain, and needed action and needed to be the *same*, not different. Unfortunately, none of the rest worked. And I'm sorry to say, I read what might have been Trank's original vision...and that would not have worked either. You can't pack an entire FF Universe into one movie. I mean seriously...Doom, Galactus, the Negative Zone and the FF origin and their childhood years in a single two hour clip?? Sheesh! What parallel Universe did you evolve in? In fact, I would have to rate even Roger Corman's original version on par with this one! But...they keep trying...because they *know* the FF is great. Sigh.


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